Price Computing (PRC) Weighing Scale

Price Computing (PRC) Weighing Scale

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APC Series has been designed to offer optimum quality for the price in order to guarantee the operating speed, robustness, and accuracy that is needed in all retail environments. The Soft-Touch color coded and sealed keypad, large and easy to read Super Bright LED and the integrated built in battery backup offer you a complete package of features seldom seen on an entry level price-computing scale – ensuring that it stands out.

Available Models

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size
SST 30 10/30Kg 1/5gm 250x300
SST 30 2/5gm 10mg 250x300
SST 30 10/20/30Kg 1/2/5gm 250x300


  • Super Bright LED Display
  • Three separate display for unit price, weight and Total Price
  • Built-In Pole display
  • 7 Memory Locations to Fast moving Items.
  • Built-In battery backup with 48 hours operation
  • Built-In Rear Display
  • AC Adapter
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Zero Tracking
  • Color coded and sealed keypad
  • Precision load cell technology
  • Large stainless steel pan
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